Friday, July 6, 2012

In the beginning

So here I am!!! Never once did I every say growing up all I want to be is a Mommy...but that is what I am. A wife, a mommy, and a homemaker. I wanted what all little girls in my generation wanted, a super fab career and maybe if there was time I would fit some kids in. Well looking back I was stupid... don't get me wrong having a career is great, but putting my children on the back burner was to my aspirations was not the right thing to do. So here I am pinching pennies to stay home. I have a great time with Get Paid to sites to earn some extra money for the extra. I actually do pretty good considering I have no commute and I am generally in my bathrobe til noon. LOL I have learned and am still learn great ways to save money, like making my own laundry soap and a friend just shared with me how to make your own vanilla extract, how cool is that!!! So going to try that soon!

So stay tuned!...I have not quite figured out just what I am going to blog about but I am sure it will be fabulous...LOL


  1. I'm sure its gonna be great...lookin forward. Cheers to your new blog! I always like to support a good blog. I know what it's like to always try to keep a blog fresh and engaging. I'm working at it myself. :o)

    1. LOL...I can see where it might be a challenge...and why it has taken me so long to do one. I decided there has to be someone out there my might want to hear/read me ramble.